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The 'Homeland' poem enhances Belgrade's appearance

August 2023.

A mural with verses from one of the most beautiful and renowned poems by Ljubivoje Ršumović, “Homeland is Defended by Beauty,” was unveiled today on the Silos.

A song for children must have a story

August 2023.

An interview following the receipt of two prestigious literary awards – “Žička Hrisovulja” and “Echoes to Filip Višnjić”.

I don't feel the burden of years or illness; I live freely, just as I did in my Ljubiš

January 2023.

The favorite poet often overdoes it with walks and then gets angry at himself. He is ‘easy at the table’ for his family and is not picky. Books are most credited for his form and spirit…

The Ršum Foundation organizes a camp for children

October 2022.

Near Belgrade, at the foot of Kosmaj, from September 23th-25th, a camp for children was held under the name “Academy – I’m going too”.

Twoneliness report

December 2020.

Кnjiga sa naslovom „Karantin udvoje“, pojavila se na mom stolu, sa posvetom: „Dragom Ršumu, za Dan oslobođenja Beograda!“.