Ljubivoje Rsumovic was born in Ljubis, on Zlatibor mountain, on the July 3rd 1939.

Educated in Ljubis, Cajetina, Uzice and Belgrade, where he graduated in 1965. on the Language and Literature University, in Comparative Literature group. Married, has three sons and five grandkids.

He started writing early, in primary school, in Ljubis. His first poems were published while in secondary school, firstly in Uzice “News” and in “Literature news”.

In 1965. he started working for Belgrade Radio, in the program for children editorial board. His literary work was successfully incorporated in “Utorak vece ma sta mi rece”, “Subotom u dva” and “Veseli utorak” shows. In those programmes he notices “documentary poetics” that he adopted from Zmaj, Dusko Radovic and educational doctrine of John Lock “Sooner you think that child is a man – before you know it he will become!” 1968. he starts working on Television with well known series “Dvogled”, “Hiljadu zasto” and “Hajde da rastemo”. While on RTS he wrote, directed and filmed over six hundred shows. One of most popular children series “Fazoni i Fore” had over 140 episodes.

Next to the Children’s programme, Rsumovic worked on several documentary series. One of those is “Diagonals – stories of people and character”, in which author talks about certain groups, while the group members talk about the brethren characters. Episodes are about: Mijaci, Brsjaci, Malisori, Torbesi, Bunjevci, Ere, Lale, Dubrovcani, Boduli, Sopovi, Goranci, Piperi etc.

He published more than 90 books, mostly for children. Most famous titles are: “Ma sta mi rece”, “Pricanka”, “Pevanka”, “Jos nam samo ale fale”, “Vesti iz nesvesti”, “Nevidljiva ptica”, “Domovina se brani lepotom”, “Sjaj na pragu”, “Rosavi andjeo”, “Zov tetreba”, “Uspon vrtovima”, “Pesme ulicarke”, “Severozapadni krokodil”, “Posto prodas to sto mislis”, “Opasan svedok”, “Ne vucite me za jezik”, “Gujina stena”, “Bukvar decjih prava”, “Tri cvora na trepavici”, “Tajna ledene pecine” and “Beli paketi”.

Many of his works were staged in Theatres: “Suma koja hoda”, “Nevidljiva ptica”, “Baba roga”, “Rokenrol za decu”, “Uspavana lepotica”, “Au sto je skola zgodna”, “U cara Trojana kozje usi”, “Snezana i 7 patuljaka”…

He received numerous literary awards: “Neven”, “Mlado pokolenje”, “Zmajeve decje igre Award”, “Branko’s Award”, “October prize” an award of the City of Belgrade, Goran’s plaque, Vuk’s Award, Golden ring at the Crvenka Festival for Childrens poets. Serbian writers guild Award “Porodica bistrih potoka”, First prize for Play “U cara Trojana kozje usi” at Kotor Children Theatre Festival, Politikin Zabavnik Award for “Tri cvora na trepavici” book, Dusko Radovic Award and title “Saradnik Sunca”, Instel Award for poetry 2008. and he was first laureat of the “Miroslav Antic” Award in 2008. for the “Beli paketi” book and he received Prince of the Tamaris children empire Award in Banjaluka 2009. And many more.

Also, he received two extraordinary International Awards: “Pulja” in Bari, Italy for his entire opus for children and UNESCO Award for “Primer of children’s rights” at the World Competition for Books that promotes peace and tolerance.

His books are translated to numerous world languages.

He’s author of three textbooks for Primary school: “Deca su narod poseban” – Second class, for the Civic education elective subject and “Azbukvar” and “Pismenar” for the first class.

Parallel to his literary work, Rsumovic was actively involved with sports. He is the founder, a contestant, and first president of “Red Star” Karate Club. He was President of Karate Federation of Serbia and the certified federal referee in Karate sport.

From 1986. up to 2002. he was a Manager of Bosko Buha Theatre. He is a President of Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia and a founding member of Managing board of Dositej Obradovic Endowment.

He is one of the founders and first President of the Committee for Child Rights Protection in Serbia with the Friends of Serbian Children Organization in which he is current President of the Assembly.

He lives and works in the Free Territory, not far from Belgrade.