Double MeMe Face Up

First edition · Laguna · 2021.

Journal for uncombed thoughts.

I would be silly if I didn’t write “sparks of spirit”, every day, and every night!

Not “silly” in the sense of “silly”, but “silly” in the sense of “crazy”.

Things I write on the supermarket bills, while driving the car. And can’t decipher afterwards.

But luckily, as you will read in this book, I usually manage to figure them out. I don’t know, on many of those, whether the idea was so witty that it overcame my advanced sclerosis, or whether I received a gift from God, an enlightenment that helped me remember.

Double MeMe Face Up is, in fact, an autobiographical book. Made from severe but fruitful doubliness (you know, when you have a companion in your loneliness)!